Minor Chords

Minor Chords, what are they? If you’ve already looked through this article about major chords, understanding minor chords will be a breeze. At least, understanding how they are constructed. There can be a lot of complexity to how chords of any tonality (major, minor,...

What are Major Chords?

How to build major chords All basic, major triad* chords are built using a root note plus the major 3rd and perfect 5th above that note.  Major 3rd = 4 half steps above root Perfect 5th = 7 half steps above root A half step is simply a measurement that means the next...

Major Arpeggios for Guitar

Let's check out major arpeggios for guitar. For this post, I’m assuming basic music theory knowledge. You should understand scale degrees, the difference between major and minor chords and keys, and have an idea of what the CAGED system is. We’ll use C Major as our...



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