Transcribing Notes From John Neil (Head Transcriber)


Good ole’ Elvis vocals. This song has the vocal range of D3 to D5, though the lower notes are mostly quick pickup notes to some lines. Also, the higher notes are mostly done by the backing vocals at the end, though Elvis does some too. If these parts are taken out, the main vocal range is really G3-A4.

Burning Love - Elvis Presley - Vocal Melody

Download the Melody Music Here



The keyboard part was transcribed from the actual piano track isolated. A great boogie-woogie part with lots of the signature riffs from that style, which makes it a good learning piece.

Burning Love - Elvis Presley - Keyboard Sheet Music

Download the Keyboard Sheet Music Here

Lead and Rhythm Guitars

The rhythm/lead guitar 1 part does the a clean electric guitar strumming part, and the rhythm/lead guitar 2 part does mainly high chord staccato accents. Together they give this the sound of the time.

Burning Love - Elvis Presley - Rhythm/Lead Guitar Tablature

Download the Lead Guitar Tab Here


Burning Love - Elvis Presley - Lead/Rhythm Guitar 2
Download the Rhythm Guitar Tab Here


Though there is a strumming electric guitar part, an acoustic strum/ukulele part was made up as well, which compliments the existing strum, and can be used as a solo performance if so desired.

Burning Love - Elvis Presley - Strum/Acoustic Gutiar

Download the Strum Tab Here

Burning Love - Elvis Presley - Ukulele Tablature

Download the Ukulele Tab Here


A bass part with a lot of movement. This was transcribed from an isolated track, so all the intricacies are there. There is a very muffled tone to the sound, which leads me to believe it was played with fingers, and should be eq-ed thusly.

Burning Love - Elvis Presley - Bass Guitar Tablature

Download the Bass Tab Here


Burning Love - Elvis Presley - Drum Sheet Music

Download the Drum Music Here
Burning Love - Elvis Presley - Lead/Chord Sheet
Download the Lead Sheet Here