Transcribing Notes From John Neil (Head Transcriber)


A nice song about a pending breakup, which is most likely Lindsay Buckingham (guitarist) breaking up with Stevie Nicks (singer and songwriter), while they continue to be in the same band. The vocal range is G3 to C5.

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Melody

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The Christine McVie Rhodes. And other stuff. A lot of the left hand notes sound like they’re playing the wrong note, which must be intentional, seeing as they were pretty detailed in the studio. Or could be a change of plans in the studio after the Rhodes was put down, or simply a result of the life-style of the time. Either way, I transcribed it true to the part, weird notes and all (particularly her hanging on the F a lot).

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Bass Guitar Tablature

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Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Great Lindsey Buckingham track(s). There are actually 2 tracks going on, but one is way in the background most of the time, and the keyboard part pretty much covers those notes. There is a lot of volume play as well. First of all, he is fading in nearly every note with a volume pedal, and then there is fading in & out (or muting/unmuting) of the actual track (I can tell because I found a nearly isolated stem that contains more notes unheard in the finished song).

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Lead Gutiar Tablature

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There is a strum guitar part in the choruses, which these parts are based on. A part was made up in the other sections as well.

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Strum/Acoustic Tablature

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Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Ukulele Tablature

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A simple-ish part with stylish riffs mixed in. A lot of the art of this part is the length of the notes … lots of spaces between them at many points. Also, an almost percussive sounding stop of the notes on 2 and 4 of the strings hitting the fretboard a lot of the time. Played with the fingers.

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Bass Guitar Tablature

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Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Drum Sheet Music

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Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Lead/Chord Sheet
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