Flowers Drums


How can we “Divide & Conquer” when it comes to a drum part? Can learning one song like this help with learning other parts? We will answer this and more as we look at the drum part for “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus and use this to teach us more about independence.

pre chorus drum part for flowers by Miley Cyrus

Drums – Divide

Often times when I’m looking at a new drum part the independence of my hands and feet can be the hardest part to figure out. Looking at the sheet above, is it easy for you to break it down?


The Thin Red Line

It helps to break it up much like we would on piano, with our hands being the treble clef and our feet being the bass clef. The red line here helps break it up visually so hopefully it’s easier for you to see.

The Thin Red Line - Splitting your drum staff in two

Use these video time stamps to help break it down.





Slow, Steady and Separate, win the race to Conquest

You might be asking yourself, 60 bpm doesn’t sound like the song at all. Well its not, the actual speed of the song is 118 bpm. When I go to learn a song I cut the tempo in half and start from there (ok, ok, not every song but for the most part this rule works).

After you are feeling good about that slow speed be fine with starting the process all over again at a faster tempo. Feet, hands, together, repeat, feet, hands, together, repeat.

Here is a visual that might help. Feet, hands, together, repeat - Flowers Drums

Click here for the video on YouTube


Want the sheet music?

Click here to Download the Drum Music for “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus