What did I do this week? #3

And “It’s ok to say no”

“It’s ok to say no”, was something that played in my mind most of this week. Along with “if I say “yes” to something Im saying “no” to something else. Do that for a week; let it guide your decision-making process, it will allow you to ask questions like. What are your goals? Does saying “yes” to the next thing help you achieve that? If not, be ok with saying “no”. Be ok that not everyone will understand why your saying no”, that’s ok.

So you might ask, What does this have to do with “What Did I Do This Week”…

People heard “no” from me more than usual, and it allowed me to have more time to focus on things that I think are “high value”, things that I want to get done, even NEED to get done to help move myself and this business along.

It’s easy for me to have an unrealistic sense of my time. Often I think, “I have time for that, I can get that done” and I can most times. But when I do, it becomes like this water behind a dam, slowly filling up, and adding pressure. Thats how I feel, oh “I didn’t get those 3 things done off my list”. Would they have gotten done if I wouldn’t have said “yes”.  Honestly I’m not sure”.

Dam, I hope its ok to say "no", So I can focus on what I have to this week

My walk away, all things must be in balance; use the time that you do have well. Say “yes” when it makes sense to, say “no” when you need to.

By saying “no”, What Did I Get Done This Week?

Well, we released a video daily Monday thru Friday! On a couple days we even released 2 a day!

Article, fireside, song breakdown, and clips, lots and lots of CLIPS!!!!!


I posted the 2nd video in my series “D’yer Mak’er Bass Deconstruction”, click below for the sheet music!

Get the tab here!

I like to think of those as my foundation, I NEED to get those done weekly, that’s what we are building on.

The other thing is I started my “I learned and recorded this song in 7 days” shoot, and it’s rocky, I’ll be honest with you, the first one might be bad! The first 3 days of the week were rough; it fell in-between the cracks of the “foundation”. Now I’m staring at Saturday and Sunday and looking at those days for my rescue.

For the next 2 days I turned stuff down. So I could say “yes” to putting in the time that this project really needs. Will it be perfect? No… it’s not gonna be. Will it push me? Yes, it already has. Thats what I’m looking for though, a self-imposed challenge. Can I do this? When it’s done will it be good enough? Honestly, that really doesn’t matter to me, the “doing it” is the thing that matters. I said “no” to some things this weekend, so I could say “yes” to this challenge, as I know this challenge will pay huge dividends for me musically in the coming months.

So damn it all…