Transcribing Notes From John Neil (Head Transcriber)

Apparently this song started out as a joke for Harry Styles, and then became a big hit. One fun story was that he once slipped on a kiwi thrown on stage at a London show. This lead to a Manchester store banning anyone under 25 from purchasing kiwis in order to protect him.


This melody basically centers around an A, and doesn’t veer much from it, but he makes it work. The vocal range is A3 to B4, though in the Interlude there are screams that get up to G5, but that’s not really essential, I don’t think. Just scream loud!

Kiwi - Harry Styles - Melody

Download the Melody Music Here



I didn’t hear any keyboards in this song, so I made up a part that roughly follows the guitar parts, labeled “electric piano” because that would blend well with the rest of the instruments.

Kiwi - Harry Styles - Keyboard

Download the Keyboard Sheet Music Here

Lead and Rhythm Guitars

A lot of what is done is 8th note strumming with pressure on the quarter notes, and less pressure on the offbeats, so sometimes there’s muted strings, sometimes some notes pass through, sometimes all notes pass through, sometimes there is no strum on the offbeat, but certain notes play a little through because some fretting fingers lift loosely. I may have gone overboard detailing every note I could hear, and obviously (I would think) whoever played it didn’t mean to play & mute etc those exact notes at those exact times.

Kiwi - Harry Styles - Lead Guitar Tablature

Download the Lead Guitar Tab Here

Kiwi - Harry Styles - Rhythm Gutiar Tablature

Download the Rhythm Guitar Tab Here


There isn’t an acoustic or ukulele strum in this song, so a part was made up.

Kiwi - Harry Styles - Strum Guitar

Download the Strum Tab Here

Kiwi - Harry Styles - Ukulele Tablature

Download the Ukulele Tab Here


The bass seems to be picked, and is definitely picked in at least 1 live video.

Kiwi - Harry Styles - Bass Guitar Tablature

Download the Bass Tab Here


Kiwi - Harry Styles - Drum Sheet Music

Download the Drum Music Here
Kiwi - Harry Styles - Lead/Chord Sheet
Download the Lead Sheet Here