What did I do this week? #2

Music can be cooking up something good

Have you ever cooked a great meal, something from scratch, something that you really poured your heart into? When the cooking is all done, and you’ve enjoyed the meal with friends and family, someone has to clean it all up! How does this relate to music, find out below!

a messy kitchen after cooking up something good!

Thats what I’m feeling on week 2 of “What did I do this week”. Last week we were cooking up something good, bass, guitar, drum videos, article chats, song breakdowns! Then this week I’m spending all my time “cleaning up the kitchen”. Its part of the process but I’ll be honest I like the filming aspect way more then the cleaning up, or editing in my case.

You wouldn’t cook an amazing meal and not eat it, would you?

I’ve made the food, I’ve set the table, if I don’t spend this week editing, no one will be watching my videos. No one will be eating my meal, so it’s part of the process. Often in making something we can get really attached to one part of activity. In my band “Le Mec” the best part of the process is writing a new song. The worst part of the process, finishing the new song. To see that task thru is not always easy for me.

If you wait till the next day to clean up after your cooking, your gonna have a mess!

a dirty pan from cooking up something good

Preparation is key. Having a great process is another key. Now you can soak your dishes all night. Sometimes all night becomes multiple days, and that’s when stuff gets gross! Or in the case of video, that’s when that mole hill becomes a mountain.

Mountain out of a mole hill

I’ve setup my video process so that it can be “plug and play”, so if I don’t edit it in the first week I’m not sent scrambling for multiple clips and pieces, its pretty self contained. But since it’s something I don’t like to do, I need to treat it like ripping off a bandaid….. slow and over 5 hours… no, I mean quick, get it over with! They call it “swallow the frog” or toad, or any amphibious creature. For some reason they didn’t call it “swallow the squirrel” probably cause they fight back to much.

Toad where you want to

A New Recipe on Music & Cooking.

My advice to myself is, break it up, take the good, and then swallow some bad. Get my “task” heavy stuff done in the morning and my more creative stuff done after a nice afternoon nap. 🙂  The other important thing is to have days setup just to be creative, just shoot videos. That way when I’m done I don’t have to get into the weeds, I don’t have to worry about editing, that’s the days that I “soak the pans”

So no, not a great week of practice but I know the next 2 days are gonna be very practice/record heavy.

Here is what I have finished cooking!

I am jazzed about this new video concept and would love to see some of you participate.

We have so far released a video every day this week! (Tho Friday looks sketchy)

John and I, Cooking up some Song Breakdowns!

Nic and I Cooking up some jokes!

Loaded up “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac this week – Check out the Lead Guitar here

Click here for the sheet music

Also working on some plans that are taking shape for some cool shoots this weekend and hope to have more of that to share with you all next Friday!

Sometimes I’m washing the dishes first thing. Sometimes I’m washing them a couple days later.  Both are really ok choices, as long as you are cooking up some good music and getting your hands wet.