What Did I Do This Week?!? – Just Do It!

My push to myself this on this weeks edition of “What Did I Do This Week?!?” has been “Just Do It”, and “Just Get It Done”. Stop over thinking and put your feet to the floor and start down the path. I’ve been practicing a ton these past couple weeks and have been seeing major improvement on both drums and vocals. You really start to see that the first couple steps are the hardest but after you get going on your journey, just let your feet guide you and enjoy the ride.

My eyes are bigger than my stomach, is a very good phrase to describe my work life. Often I think I have the time or skill set to get more done than I am capable of. Sometimes we have to look at our time and be more honest, other times we have to say no to distractions and get in and get the work done.

Since last week Friday, I can’t even tell you how many hours I have put in on practice! Good news, I have been recording it all and will be able to show you the video soon and then you can see!

Just do it!

We all wanna be perfect, we all want to be good without putting in the work. The work is the fun. If every song or instrument came easy to me, there wouldn’t be a challenge. I live for the challenge. I am very stubborn that way…

Don’t let things get in the way. Don’t let your negative self talk, or self doubt stop you from doing what you love. I love to practice, maybe more than anything else.

So… What Did I Do This Week?

Lots of drums

Dreams has been my #1 focus. Lots of good stuff in this drum part. Fast triplets, interesting fills, and over all just fun to play. Here is my favorite fill in the song

Just do it, learn this Fleetwood Mac drum fill

A quick video of me breaking down another fill in this song.

Lots of vocals

What did I Do this week?!? Fleetwood Mac Melody

Dreams again, you’re probably sensing a theme. The difficult thing in this vocal part for me is, that it’s singing…. ha! What I really like about this part is the 7th being used in the vocal melody, often times I’ll be singing an E over an F chord and it creates some great tension in the song. Also the bite of the lyrics makes it a fun song to practice over and over again.

If you have a song to learn or a challenge coming up, don’t wait, don’t hesitate, just do it!

Get Fleetwood Mac – Dreams Drums


Get Fleetwood Mac Vocals