What did I do this week?

As a busy person (wannabe youtuber/musician/cat wrangler) I often ask myself what did I do this week? What piece did I learn? What video did I film? What edit did I get done? And very often I don’t even have an answer to that.

What musical steps did I take this week? What technique did I cement in my own playing? Like so many other people I feel pulled in every direction and have too much media and information coming at me. So I want to use these Friday blogs to cement what I did learn, set goals for myself, and tell you all what’s coming down the pipe.


Well it feels like I did a lot of bass this week, like 3 days of it, and when I’m done writing this I’ll probably do a couple more hours!

What did I work on???

D’yer Mak’er (the playing not the pronunciation)

D'yer Mak'er Bass Tablature (dyer maker)
Get the sheet music here!

Ticket To Ride (feel safe saying most of those words)

Ticket To Ride - Bass Tablature
Get the sheet music here!

I want to produce a daily show (or 2/3 times weekly!) that I have content to release to get myself and an audience into a regular routine. I would like that to be a place where you could ask questions, request songs, get more detail than just a “play thru video”. I’ve been making that a priority thru this week, so by next week I will have some content in the bag and ready to release. 

I am also working on two other “series”.

One where Nic and I chat thru our articles. We give our insight into lessons, music, running this business, social media, cover bands, performing live….. and on and on… 

Nic and Luc - Chatting thru an article - Clearly Luc has made a funny and engaging point

The other where John and I go thru his “Song Breakdown’s”. Here we find out more about the transcriptions that he is writing for MBTM and any cool tidbits we can learn about the production side of these songs.

John and Luc - Chat thru a song breakdown

Also, I am coming off a bit of burn out from learning 40ish songs for a cover band gig, so trying to take time to recover despite all the wants and needs to “get to the next thing”. That’s not easy for me. I’m not one that sits still well. I do think it’s the next step forward tho, to sit back and see what I have done and learn from it and get…. perspective. 

Much like this article, and much like musicians, it cant always be go go go go. Sometimes we need a break. Sometimes we need to recharge. Sometimes we need to sit still and work on being prepared for the next thing. 



John and I – “Song Breakdowns” will be out Mondays at 10am
Nic and I – “Fireside Chats” will be out Tuesdays at 10am
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