Working Within Limits

It’s true, the hours in a day aren’t enough. Nothing can ever change that fact. Especially as life fills up, either with personal obligations or career obligations, you will reach a breaking point and need to figure out working within limits. I think I can honestly say that everyone I’ve ever met knows what they really want to spend their time doing.

Sometimes it’s stuffed deep down and covered in a hefty blanket of excuses and doubts. Other times it’s right on the surface and, “I’ll get to it right after I finish this thing.” Or maybe it’s the end goal. “After I’ve built this [whatever] I’ll spend more time doing what I love.” The interesting part of this one is how obviously it misleads. A translation is, “I’ll build up a life in which I build this thing I love completely out of it in order to eventually do that thing.”

Good luck. It would make more sense, perhaps, to build up a life with that desired thing as a part of it. This is where knowing your limits, accepting them, and working within those limits becomes key.

I know, you’re amazing and can do anything, everything, whatever you put your mind to. You can take care of the problems and needs of 10 other people and still have time to tend to your own everything.

Or not.


Draw some boundaries where they need to go. Carve them out of stone. Erect the walls so high they become a fixture you can see from outer space. Decide, and decide very intentionally, what matters most. We all care about a lot of different things and people, so much so that we can forget about ourselves in the chaos. But if you want to really give your aspirations and hopes a fighting chance, then you probably will need to let them out of their cages.

This means saying ‘no’ when you have to, saying ‘yes’ when you might not feel like it, and giving yourself the respect and consideration you so often reserve only for others.

Get to Work

If none of this applies to you, great. Why are you still here reading this?

If this resonates in some way, great. Why are you still here reading this?

See you next time.