Broken Triads in Position 4

Learning this next exercise for broken triads in position 4 of the CAGED system for guitar will help you learn the fretboard. Getting to know the guitar fretboard is one of the most important skills you can develop if you want to be able to freely explore the instrument. This exercise takes you through the scale in a more interesting way than a straight run up and down. I was told once, by a very skilled jazz guitarist, that once you can play through a scale pattern up and down there really isn’t any point in playing it that way anymore. Developing more creative and challenging patterns to play will push you further and inspire new ideas. In my case, I’ve come across ideas that lead to a whole new song just by playing through exercises like the one featured in this article.

What else is it good for?

More than the creative aspect, when you play new patterns you get them into your hands. Muscle memory helps you learn new things faster, whether it’s a lick or a song part. The more patterns you have readily trained into your fingers the more easily you’ll pick up new ones. There’s a good return on the investment, so to speak.

How to practice

I like to take it very slowly when I learn something new. Focusing on staying relaxed and playing the idea cleanly is so much more important than just blasting through an exercise as fast as you can. You learn what you train yourself. If you train yourself to play with mistakes and sloppy, that’s how you’ll develop your skills. Some of it will get ironed out over time simply by getting more comfortable with the instrument. In that case, it’s more like getting better despite your technique instead of thanks to it.

Videos and worksheets

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